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NK media slams S. Korea over recent defense talks with US

A North Korean propaganda outlet on Tuesday slammed South Korea over recent defense talks between Seoul and Washington about deterring nuclear threats from the communist nation, calling the discussion a "reckless scheme to crush its own race with its master."

Last week, Seoul and Washington held their annual ministerial talks, the Security Consultative Meeting (SCM), and reaffirmed their joint efforts to denuclearize North Korea, noting that the communist state's nuclear and ballistic missile programs continue to pose serious threats to international security.

The US reaffirmed its commitment to South Korea's security, including providing "extended deterrence," and the two sides discussed ways to strengthen their defense posture during their annual Military Committee Meeting (MCM) held a day before the SCM.

"It is a shameful pro-American act and a reckless scheme to crush its own race with its master" the Tongil Sinbo, the North Korea's propaganda weekly, said in an article.

"The tailored deterrence strategy ... is not irrelevant to the increasing purchase of advanced weapons by the South Korean military, their military exercises in and outside of the country and the development of high-tech equipments," the propaganda outlet said, slamming it as a scheme to invade the North.

"National pride cannot be found within those desperate enough to crush its own people with help from foreign power," it added.

It also criticized the South for "continuing to play with fire in a war against its own race." (Yonhap)