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Hyundai Motor Group promotes Kia’ vice president, appoints foreign leaders

Kia Motors President Song Ho-sung (Kia Motors)
Kia Motors President Song Ho-sung (Kia Motors)

Hyundai Motor Group said Friday that it has promoted Kia Motors Vice President Song Ho-sung to president and appointed Jochen Paesen to lead Kia Motors’ interior design team as a director.

The company said the latest executive reshuffle is to execute the company’s future mobility vision and bring change to the current leadership. 

President Song had previously led the automaker’s export sales, European sales and global business management teams, the company said.

He is expected to expand Kia Motors’ vision to focus on sales of eco-friendly vehicles globally under its strategic Plan S. 

Jochen Paesen will set plans for all Kia Motors cars’ interior design as a director along with the automaker’s design center chief and Senior Vice President Karim Habib, the company said.

Kia Motors interior design director Jochen Paesen (Kia Motors)
Kia Motors interior design director Jochen Paesen (Kia Motors)

Paesen has conducted various design projects at global carmakers such as Volkswagen and BMW. 

His design of super electric vehicle EP9 and the compact sport utility electric vehicle of model ES8, concept car EVE, when he worked as an interior design director at automotive startup Nio, have received positive feedback, according to Kia Motors.

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