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Rapper Kisum challenges herself with first dance hip-hop record, 'Yeah!sul'

Female rapper and songwriter Kisum on Tuesday dropped a new EP, "Yeah!sul," fronted by a funky dance number, transforming sharply from her previous dark hip-hop music.

The EP's title, "Yeah!sul," translates in Korean as "Yeah! alcohol," or as "art" when read together, and the six-track album is led by "Let's Drink Up."

Kisum sampled the widely loved refrain from male duo Vibe's hit song with the same Korean title in composing and writing the main track "Let's Drink Up." But the sentimental song turned into a breezy dance hip-hop song in the hands of Kisum.

"The album title has dual meanings. First of all, it carries the declaration of love for alcohol and at the same time, it also indicates that the album is a piece of art," Kisum said in a press showcase for her new album on Tuesday.

In fact, Kisum herself is a famous drinker, and she was hit with inspiration to write the song while drinking.

"Songs that deal with drinking are often sentimental or breakup songs, but my new song is insanely exciting," according to Kisum.

Kisum first earned a name after competing in a rap competition TV show for female rappers, "Unpretty Rapstar," aired by Mnet in 2015, as well as the third season of the same channel's rap battle program "Show Me the Money."

Since then, her music, including the last EP, "The Sun, The Moon," released in April 2017, had largely been heavy hip-hop beats before she returned with the new uplifting dance hip-hop record.

"Whereas my music in the past had been grayish, now it's completely fluorescent," she said.

"My music career now turned to the sixth year. I think I have done various genres of music, and this time I wanted to challenge myself with bright dance music," she said, also referring to the choreography matching "Let's Drink Up" as a major change for the new album.

Marking her seventh year next year, she wishes to release her first full-length album, Kisum also said.

"Yeah!sul" carries a total of six tracks, including the main track; "yeah yeah," a groovy song dedicated to her supportive fans; and "Warning," an R&B hip-hop number. (Yonhap)