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TV celebrity Robert Holley admits to using methamphetamine

Robert Holley, a naturalized Korean citizen from America and TV personality, has admitted to using methamphetamine and apologized to the public for causing trouble.

Wearing a black baseball cap and a mask, Holley emerged from the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency early Tuesday for a transfer to a detention cell in the Suwon Nambu Police Station. 

"I am sorry. I have a heavy heart," he told reporters. 


He was taken into police custody Monday on charges that he administered the illegal substance at his home in Seoul. He is alleged to have purchased the drug online. 

Police have tracked down Holley's financial records, which show that he sent money to the drug dealer's account last month. The exact amount of meth he purchased is still to be determined.

Police will collect his hair and urine samples, with his consent, for a formal toxicology test and find out whether he had used other similar drugs in the past.

The 58-year-old from California became a famous TV celebrity in Korea after he appeared on a number of talk shows speaking in a fluent Korean dialect from the southern Gyeongsang region. 

He gave up his US citizenship in 1997 to become a Korean. His Korean name is Ha Il.

Police plan to question him further Tuesday and determine whether to seek an arrest warrant. (Yonhap)