SongEun Art Award nominees announced

By Shim Woo-hyun

SongEun Art Foundation hosts exhibition featuring four candidates for 18th SongEun Art Award

  • Published : Dec 23, 2018 - 14:48
  • Updated : Dec 23, 2018 - 14:48

SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation on Friday kicked off an exhibition of its four finalists for the 18th SongEun Art Award at SongEung Art Space in Seoul.

Kim Joon, Park Kyung-ryul, Lee Ue-sung and Chun Myung-eun, also known as Eun Chun, were shortlisted for the award following two rounds of reviews.
Paintings and sculptures by artist Park Kyung-ryul (SongEun Art Space)
From left: Kim Joon, Park Kyung-ryul, Lee Ue-sung and Chun Myung-eun attend a press conference held at SongEun Art Space on Friday in Seoul. (Shim Woo-hyun/The Korea Herald)

A member of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art’s 2016 Goyang residency program, Kim introduces site-specific sound installations with photographs and sounds he has collected. Through his research-based soundscape project, Kim delves into the history of locations and attempts to make landscapes audible.

Park has installed a number of paintings and sculptures to create a narrative. Rather than giving meaning to the works, she attempts to find new ways to read paintings through such installations, Park explained.

Park, whose solo exhibition was held at Gallery Hyundai in 2011, was also a member of the MMCA’s artist residency program in 2012.

In her new works on display at SongEun Art Space, photographer Chun tries to create different senses of movement. Chun was a member of the MMCA’s artist residency program in 2017.

A relatively younger artist, Lee has created a room reminiscent of a workshop filled with installations that visualize the value of labor and production.

The winner of the grand prize of 20 million won ($17,800) will be announced in mid-January.

The remaining three shortlisted artists will each receive 10 million won. The four artists all become automatically eligible to apply for the SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation residency 2019 at Delfina Foundation in London.

The exhibition at SongEun Art Space runs through Feb. 28

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