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Plastic Art Seoul to highlight Korean sculptures and installations

The Plastic Art Seoul 2016, Korea‘s first art fair devoted to sculptures and installations, will open next week in Seoul.

The art fair will bring together more than 4,000 pieces of plastic art by some 150 artists represented by major galleries in Korea. Plastic art refers to 3-D visual artworks using materials, stones, wood, metals and mixed media.

“The fair offers a chance for visitors to view a variety of sculptures and installations in one spot,” said Shin Jun-won, head of the Plastic Art Seoul organizing committee. 

"Blossom” by Moon Ji-yeon (PLAS 2016)

Artworks presented will range from sculptures made from using conventional mediums such as wood and stone to glass sculptures, mixed media works and media art.

The art fair targets visitors who wish to display sculptures or installations in buildings, schools and hospitals.

“More people look for sculptures for interior design. It’s one way to make their businesses different from others,” Shin said.

The fair presents works of artists represented by 34 Korean galleries, specializing in sculptures and installations. It also highlights some of the top sculptors in Korea, including Jeon Roe-jin, Kim Chang-hee, Jeong Gwan-mo, as well as leading contemporary artists such as Lee Lee-nam, well-known for transforming Western and Asian masterpiece into video art with moving images.

The fair will also include a special showcase of works by mid-career, emerging young artists and artists with disabilities. 

"The Battle of Civilization - Star Wars V” by Lee Lee-nam (PLAS 2016)

“Artists who work with sculptures and mixed media installations don’t have many chances to exhibit their works because many exhibition spaces are catered to paintings. The fair will be a great opportunity for them to connect to wider audiences,” said Shin.

The PLAS 2016 is sponsored by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. It will run from July 20-24 at the Coex Mall, Samseong-dong, Seoul.

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